portfolio. test

A project, lasting 2 weeks at the end of the prepatory year, in which each student develops a project in the area of design in which he or she will later pursue a diploma. The purpose of this project is to experiment and to learn by doing.

This project, entitled “Metamorphosis” is a study in the different stages of the life of a flower, culminating in a garment which represents this natural phenomenon.  It begins in paper manipulations, then volumes on mannequin taken in photographic series, trying different graphic representations and a final proposition.

The whole project is in black and white, to focus on the structure of the garment. My garment captures the moment of blosson, where the bud gives way to the petals that are pushing through towards the sun. A bustier made of multiple folds which unfurl into the grand wing that projects upwards. This top can be worn multiple ways, an aspect that reinforces the concept of metamphorsis – the metamorphosis of the garment itself.


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