La lumière à nos secrets….

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Every December, the city of Lyon prepares itself for the biggest show of the year. For four days and nights, every building is illuminated in bright colorful light shows, synchronized to music. On display at the Ecole de Condé during this festival is a series of creations entitled “La lumière à nos secrets” – a series of seven illuminated dresses that reveal a secret, a desire, a dream…each one imagined and created by a pair of fashion design students.

“Ne penses-tu pas qu’il est temps de grandir?” – Devan Gregori & Délphine Chabard; transparent plastic, sheer polyester, cotton organdi, wire, hot glue, tracing paper, tissue paper, wooden doles, lamp, light garland

Mon journal intime, reflet de mon jardin secret. Entre fille et femme, des questions poussent en moi. A la recherche de ma propre lumière…

My diary, reflection of my inner secret garden. Between girl and woman, questions blossom inside me. In search of my own light…


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