urban warrior.

Every piece of clothing has a story. Sometimes these stories coincide, clash, compliment or oppose each other. Choose two pieces of clothing and a toy, and tell their stories.

Take everything apart.

Create new pieces by combining the various parts of the deconstructed garments and the toy, taking care to integrate the toy in such a way as to give structure to your new garment.

The items:

  • A green coat, retro-inspired. A Christmas gift from my aunt 5 years ago. A coat that has travelled the world, that has survived the grime of the metro stops in Paris, the nervous twisting of buttons before a job interview, the strain of wrapping it tight around my body against the wind and rain in Lyon; that has been put on in vain on a gloomy day in hopes of uplifting my mood with its bright cheery color and whimsical patterend lining; that has been borrowed, packed away, and rediscovered.
  • A pair of navy blue denim pants, brand-new, found on sale for the low price of 5€ at H&M in January. A basic. Nothing to get excited about. Bought because, well, why not. Then forgotten on the train platform, abandonned in its fresh paper shopping bag, next to a bench, in limbo, waiting to be found by an unsuspecting passenger.
  • A slinky, a classic toy. So simple in its construction and its ability to amuse, yet so complex in the mathematics behind it. A toy revealed beneath the ripped cheap wrapping paper on Christmas morning to a curious kid decked out in flannel pajamas. Hours spent at the top of the narrow staircase in the old San Francisco apartment, launching the slinky down the stairs, seeing how fast it would go. Look how it goes all on its own!




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